Health, Media & Society

Health, Media & Society is a research centre at Ghent University created in response to the project "(De)constructing Health News".

Based on a collaboration between communication studies, sociolinguistics, sociology and medical science, the focus is set on the question how news media construct health issues.


New publication! Examining “Elite” Power Dynamics in Informant–Research Relations and Its Impact on Ethnographic Data Construction.

This article explores how power dynamics between informants and field researchers shape...

New publication! Tracing the sources: A comparative content analysis of Belgian health news

This recently published, peer-reviewed article explores health journalists’ sourcing...

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Stakeholder Analysis

Who are the stakeholders within the field of health issues? What do these stakeholders think about health news and the media? Are they actively producing health news? How do they define health?


News story lifecycle analysis

How do elderly-related health news stories travel among the stakeholders within the field of health issues? Does this lifecycle constitute a linear industry-driven or rather a more complex recursive process?


News sourcing, frame and discourse analysis

Which elderly-related health topics receive most coverage? How do journalists frame their stories? Are they overly positive, or is it the other way around? Who gets a say in the news?


Audience Research

Where do elderly seek health information? How do they interpret and trust this information? Can health news stories in the media alter behavior of senior citizens?