News story lifecycle analysis

The second line of research focuses on the (production) lifecycle of news stories on health issues as they travel back and forth among the stakeholders.

In particular, taking a case-oriented, multi-sited linguistic ethnographic approach, it sets out to investigate the complex discursive practices and professional routines that determine the dissemination and uptake of specific pieces of health information.

The objective is to see if the news story lifecycles constitute a linear industry-driven process, or if there are more complex recursive patterns of critical recontextualization at work.



PRESENTATION | (De)constructing health news: a transdisciplinary investigation into news media coverage of elderly-related health issues (download)

ABSTRACT | The Discursive Practices underlying Elderly-Related Health News: a Multi-Sited, Linguistic Ethnography (download)

Vijftigplussers in doolhof van gezondheidsinformatie (download)

Gezondheidsinfo in de media: betrouwbaar of vooral beïnvloeding? (download)